Computer Services


  • PC Hardware
  • Server Hardware
  • Operating Systems
  • Network Equipment
  • Printers

We realize your office does not run on QuickBooks alone. All of our QuickBooks support packages include an option for complete system support. This “No-Hassles” option extends your QuickBooks Support Coverage to include all of the computing infrastructure that QuickBooks depends upon. We offer convenient remote tech support, which is more efficient and cost-effective than local in-home services.

Contact us for a quote on “No Hassles” coverage for your entire system.

  • Desktop Services

    Desktop Services

    Hardware, software support, virus and malware removal, operating system support

  • Laptop Services

    Hard drives, memory and operating system support, virus and malware removal

  • Network

    Server Services

    Onsite networking installation, cabling, Microsoft Exchange troubleshooting, operating system troubleshooting, installation and configuration of routers and switches

  • Office Moves & Setups

    Office Moves & Setups

    Multi-monitor setup, hardware troubleshooting and replacement, security setup, permissions and remapping

  • Tech Support

    Software Tech Support on Demand

    Don’t have your own internal IT? Let us do it for you!

  • Managed Care

    Managed Care

    NAS boxes, offsite backups, monitoring services (Windows updates, update pushes, anti-virus definition and program updates), server monitored for offline or online and overall health of NAS box

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